ARC Welder for Chrome: Android Emulator [12MB]

arc welder app

ARC Welder is an extension that comes in the Google Chrome web browser as an android emulator.

That is the easiest way to run Android apps on your PC. Because, when you are using this extension. You do not need to install any separate software for your PC.

You can install and run Android apps on your PC using ARC Welder Chrome Extension.

Also, many professional users choose this tool to test Android apps. So, it is trustful to use.

Why is It Important to Use ARC Welder on your PC?

Nowadays, many mobile game users play games like PUBG, CODM, FreeFire, on PC. So, they need an Android Emulator to run those apps.

Game Loop, Bluestacks and Nox Player…. etc. requires you to login when we are using them. But ARC Welder does not reqire account login.

So, you can use it to continue your game or any other application without any trouble.

Also, you can test Android apps by using this extension.

It is safe to install this awesome application on your Android device.

ARC Welder is a cross-platform application. So, it supports many operating systems such as Chrome in Windows, Linux, os X, MAC…. etc.

Not only that, but you can also install a variety of Android APK files to your PC by using ARC Welder.

This app makes it much easier to operate the application from its’ virtual buttons, intuitive menus, simple interface.

Further, you can use a mouse and keyboard to navigate the app as an Android device.

Those Are Some Features in Arc Welder,

This app is a very popular tool for use as an Android emulator because of its simplicity.

Also, ARC Welder is freeware. So, you don’t need to pay.

The most important thing is that it allows you to download your favorite APK files that are not available in the Play Store.

However, you can install thousands of android applications using ARC Welder on your PC.

This app works so fast. It helps you to run your app without logging or crashing errors.

Also, this app works well with Google’s operating system and it can open Google Applications by default.

However, some applications are not supported by any emulators. So, those apps do not support with ARC Welder as well. 

This app is improving Day by day, so, you can use all your applications in this emulator as you are using an android device.

Further, we know that some applications’ desktop versions do not support its default features like camera video conferencing.

But ARC welder supports those features. so you can install your favorite apps in ARC welder and enjoy the real experience of those apps.

Not only that, but you can also have multitasking features such as web browsing, notification capabilities, and many more by ARC welder.

Also, this app allows you to use your computer like a smartphone or a tablet by referring to its options.

How to Get ARC Welder for Your PC?

Search ARC Welder on your Chrome web store and then click add to Chrome.

Then your browser will download ARC Welder. You have to install it and enjoy it with ARC Welder.