How do I Drive traffic to my Blog?

Why Traffic is Important ?

Before asking this question , ask yourself “why you are writing articles on your blog ?” , absolutely for readers . If you got enough readers , your ranking will moves up , advertisers may approach you to promote their product and  ofcource your status among society is raised alot .

How do I Drive traffic to my Blog

When I was a newbie blogger , I ask the same question “How to get traffic to my blog” to myself and I also search Google frequently about the same topic . Its been a year and I Learned alot by reading some experts articles to drive traffic to my blog , lastly following some working ways to get traffic .

  • First of all Target Social Visitors , Because Social Visitors and Organic Visitors may boost up your Rankings , than direct visitors and referred visitors .
  • So I Joined on Several Blogging Groups , Available on Facebook  and started posting my Posts , this way helps you to drive great readers on blogging mindset , they can comment on your blogs too .
  • Now-a-days Facebook made several changes in their algorithm , so the reach among the pages are not even 25% of the total followers . If you Paste a Link on your status , forgot about the reach of your link , the reach will not even 10% of total followers (P.S : All are Estimation) , so I Caught a new idea , text only status has much reach than links,images and videos . Write your post description interestingly as a text only status and paste your link as a first comment and tell the visitor to  check the first comment for the link . This is the Only way to overcome the Facebook Page reach restriction .
  • Secondly, I move on to reddit . Reddit is a massive social bookmarking site having alexa rank 56 Globally , millions of page views recorded monthly on reddit . share you posts on reddit and gain much traffic. to get the whole list of social bookmarking sites to drive traffic as well as increase your backlinks .
  • Blogging Communities is my next target . Blogging Communities is the another way for a blogger to promote their blog for free , premium in case of blogengage  will drive massive traffic to your blog posts .  Check out my another post ( Top Blogging Communities to Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog ) .
  • If I Wrote a How to kind of post , Usually I Will share it with , you should ask a question why you are wasting time on sharing your articles with wikihow , the answer is wikihow is one of the best article sharing wiki site which accepts only unique articles . I always post my own articles and the trick to drive traffic from articles is posting bare HTML codes directly on wikihow is not possible , so i made a link to my post . This makes the user continues to read my article from where he left on wikihow on my blog .
  • The next way is common way traffic exchange which I’m not following now . From my personal experience I do not prefer traffic exchange websites to drive traffic to your blog , this will definitely decrease your ranking .
  • Finally the place you found this topic other than search engine is my way of getting traffic .

Final Verdict

These are some of the methods I’m still following to drive some traffic to my blog , share your thoughts about my strategies and also comment your ways of getting traffic to your blog . Let others know the secret of your traffic .