How to find good Power Point backgrounds

In the world of computer technologies we have almost forgotten how to express our thoughts without computers. There is no need to spend hours or even days preparing for any public performance. Instead of tons of paper, huge heavy boards and dozens of markers or pencils we should install a tiny app with help of which any project will be ready within a few hours.

Microsoft power point lets us place all information in handy short slides, spreading it the way we want, adjusting them with bright animations, graphs or diagrams to our own taste and need.

Add some special effects, music and the project is ready. No matter if you study or spend your life digging through the papers at the office – once in a while we all need a good presentation to ipress the public.

This is the moment, when we start looking for good background powerpoint images, themes or graphs. Of course, one can find them using browser search or load from computer. Although the result might be way far from what we expected.

Spice up

To make any project interesting for the others – find cute and trendy pictures for backgrounds of each slide. Presentations with good featured images often win higher grades. They help spectators emphasize the whole meaning of what one is trying to tell.


Quality of such images is not as perfect as it might seem. After stretching it on big screen we might see all pixels or huge grains. There is no need to say that such backgrounds make the whole project look cheap.

Bright images lose their color after running through projection machines or simple being opened on any other computer.


Certain topics have less corresponding pictures on the Internet or do not have any at all. Sometimes users find needed images on stocks with no hope to get rid of those awful watermarks.

Registering at photo stocks and paying a fortune for a few images once in a while is not reasonable as well.

What to do?

The wisest thing one can think of is finding specialized resources  with plenty of background images for Power Point presentations.

They usually have such patterns folded according to topics, colors or by alphabet. Such platforms are ‘live’. It means that they keep updating occasionally.

They offer hundreds or even thousands of highly qualified images. Users should find what they need, download it in one click and enjoy adding them to new projects.

Such photos will never look dull or unattractive. They make the audience stick to screens waiting for another slide.

Good themes and patterns are worked out by professional designers who definitely know what will look good on computer and any wide screen.