How to Use MobileGo for Android to manage app on Android device

MobileGo for android is a Powerful Android manager , MobileGo for android helps you to seamlessly manage your Android videos, music, photos, contacts, SMS, apps, and more effectively on your PC. Not all Android managers do the same , MobileGo for android has some uniqueness than other android managers . Let us see some features of MobileGo for android .

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Features of MobileGo For Android

  • Backup your apps,apps data (beta),contacts,SMS, music,video, photos, call logs, calendar and playlist info to the computer in one click and restore in loss less quality.
  • Manage Your Apps : Download,Install,export,uninstall and share apps in batches on your Android device, and also move your apps to the SD card for saving storage.
  • Manage Your Contacts : Send/Read SMS , Accept /Reject with message , Edit multiple contacts , Merge Duplicate Contacts , Transfer contacts to/from Outlook .
  • Audio Converter : Convert and import any music and video to Android friendly formats.
  • File Manager : Manage all files on SD card wirelessly or with a USB cable .
  • Check the Complete device details of your android device including IMEI ,Serial No,Baseband,Bootloader etc,.

How to Download Free Apps Using MobileGo for android

Download free apps directly from Google Play store is made easier  by Mobilego for android , you can browse through the playstore and you can download apps directly to your device and install them directly into your android device with a single click .

  • Go to Online Resources > Google Play Apps .
  • Search any app on (Not Paid Apps) from Playstore , Click Install.
  • Leave the rest of the work to Mobilego for android .

How to Install/Uninstall Using MobileGo for android

Installing and Uninstalling apps on your android device is now made easy by MobileGo for android , you can install bulk apps and uninstall bulk apps easily using the tools provided on Mobilego for android .

  • Click on Install , Select Your android app from your hard drive then leave other things to MobileGo for android.
  • To Uninstall a app , just mark the apps using check box and then click Uninstall . Note that system apps cannot be uninstalled .
  • To Download/Export your Apps to your computer , just select your apps and click Export to your computer in .apk format , you can also take a backup of your apps data using backup tool , note that apps data backup is in beta stage .

How to Transfer apps in android device to SD card using Mobilego for android

It is easy to move your apps to your android device if you are running Android 4.2+ , What if you own a older version of android . Here comes the MobileGo for android , now you can change the default location of an installed app using the Mobilego for android.

  • Check the apps that you need to move to sdcard.
  • Now click on Move to Sdcard .
  • Note that system apps cannot be moved from phone memory

How to Backup/Restore Apps Using MobileGo for android

We cant able to determine the data loss of any mobile , so a backup of every data should be there . To make your backup process simpler mobilego for android has a backup tool which Backup your apps,apps data (beta),contacts,SMS, music,video, photos, call logs, calendar and playlist info to the computer in one click and restore in loss less quality.

  • Click on Toolkit > One Click Backup .
  • After loading , check the datas that should be backup’d (Check Apps & App Datas to backup apps) .
  • Set the location , Click on Backup .
  • To restore your backup click on ToolKit > Restore choose the contents to be restored and click restore.


Finally , Mobilego for android is a best android management software available for windows as well as mac , you should install Mobilego for android mobile application from Playstore in order to connect your mobile with PC wirelessly via Wifi with a quick scan of a QR code.

Im used Mobilego for android licenced for a day , the best android management software that worth every single penny you pay. If you’d like to know more about other Android App Managers, you can check here to learn top 5 alternatives to Android App manager.