Top three ways to get traffic from social media

The times are surely changing. Most of the work can be now done over the internet then there is no reason why you should not grow your business through internet. So hang on, we are telling you three hacks to get more traffic on social media.

So read on . .

Post more visuals than words.

As they say that usually first impressions are the last impressions. Most people get engaged with the content on social media by the visual posts as the visual posts are the ones that make a lasting impact on the minds of the audience.  But remember, most people might be doing this every day, so buckle up, you might get a lot of competition, it sounds easier than done. So make sure that you post strong and engaging so that people keep you and your products in mind.

Your Content should be Shareable and must contain social media plugins.

Well, this is surely very important for your content to be shareable so that it results in more traffic and also you must make full use of the social media plugins so that your content have a call to action and your reach is multiplied quickly generating more traffic for you on social media.

To make your content shareable, you need to touch the emotions of your reader. Storytelling is a best way to express your feelings with your readers and there are many ways to tell your stories such as “How the things were bad for you and how you made it good”, “Why did you purchase any XYZ stuff”. While telling your story, you must care and point out about your user’s issues, give them solution and if you do it in a right way, then you could see the real power/magic of Social Media.

Work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Well, you might not realize it now but the SEO has a major role to play in the working of a website. Digital marketing is surely growing at a rapid rate so you need to make sure that your SEO game is on point making you more visible online. However, SEO is not so easy but if you go with some basic point such as Quality valuable content with right performing call-to-action and connecting yourself with your niche/category specific bloggers (More Recommendation – More Ranking).  

SEO & SMO (Social Media Optimization) goes hand in hand so don’t take it otherwise.  Understand the user intent behind the search query and give him proper answer of his query. Once he will be satisfied and glorified with your answer, once you attach your loyal user with your blog, you start getting shares and ultimately, traffic from social media too.

Apart from this, there are many search engine optimization and social media marketing  apps such as IFTTT, Buffer, TweetBot, Pocket etc which are helpful in driving traffic through social media.

Thus, this is how you can improve your get more traffic on your social media. We hope you end up achieving all the goals that you have set up for yourself.