What are Domain Authority and Page Authority? What factors play a role in DA PA

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What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is an SEO metric term. It was created by Moz (SaaS company). It rates websites on a scale of 1-100, (100 being the best and 1 being the worst). So the higher the domain authority of a website, the higher its ranking in SERP.

What is Page Authority?

Page authority also a metric term used in SEO. And describes the probability of, how well a specific page from your site ranks. Page authority also rates on a scale from 0 to 100. It deals with the relevance of links and information within the same site pages to one another. Higher page authority means greater chances of your page showing up on SERP.

Apparently, It is a controversial topic that your backlinks post should link to your homepage or the article you want to rank.

Basically, if you want to choose a business or freelancing like – link building, then you need to follow Moz and Ahref or Majestic. Because clients will ask these terms before making a deal over projects.

Therefore, the above mentioned are the major leading and awesome SEO tools on the market. Regardless what Google sees, if you need to see an increase of DA PA TF CF of your domain, Just use these tools.

Domain Authority (DA) increases with backlink that point to your domain only. If you want to increase domain authority (DA), you need to get maximum backlinks that will point to your homepage.

If you are building backlinks that point to your homepage, they will help to increases DA PA of the homepage. And also, Internal linking to any of the other inner articles on your blog, then it helps to increases PA of the article as well as it also plays a role in increasing the DA.

You know, Moz gives DA PA of every web page or URLs that exist on your domain.

For example, I take moz.com and its metrics are DA 92, and PA 91. shown in below image.

Then I take an article of moz.com that shows DA 92 (the same mentioned above) and PA only 1 (Lowest Value) see here

Generally, While link building concentrates more on increasing DA PA of their websites regardless of what Google says.

How TO Increase Domain Authority AND Page Authority?

Increasing domain authority is not rocket science. It’s easy! If you have a website that has some DA PA, if you get a backlink from any site, you get to increase the DA PA of your site also. Because Moz algorithm catches all backlinks of your site and will increase your site ranking according to its score.

Stealing backlinks from your competitors is common and healthy for your site. Because in the SEO world, your enemy is your best friend.

Basically, to track these backlinks, ranking, keywords of your competitors you can utilize Ahref, SEMRUSH, and MOZ respectively.

Stealing backlinks from your beloved competitors because, in the real world, enemy is an enemy, but in the SEO world, your enemy is your best friend because you can track for many keywords he is ranking via SEMRUSH, you can track where he is making backlinks via Ahref, you can track the difficult of its keyword via Moz.

By the way, you can just use Ahref to do the all the above work. Do you know every person has only one unique talent SEMRUSH has keywords talent, Ahref has backlinks talent, and MOZ has On-Page, Local SEO, and Keyword Difficulty talent?


If you want to do the real business, you will look for the Google-loving factors. You will try to be in the authentic game. You will never try to get as many backlinks as possible.

People who do link building business or freelancing to earn more money they focus on quantity backlinks; the real ones focus on quality backlinks.

What Is The Biggest Problem With Moz?

Apparently, sometimes good Google ranked websites may show low DA, PA in Moz tool. This occurs due to the Moz algorithm. Install Moz Extension on Google Chrome, search for any keyword, you will see the Fact.

Why The Hell We Use Moz Again?

I say Moz is great only if you’re using for an idea. Because Moz has no advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that can check the real worth of a website. Google sees 200+ factors with its advanced system whereas Moz has only 200 million URL and Google had 12 trillion in 2020.

For suppose if a person is giving you 1000 backlinks at a cheap price, please don’t even consider taking them. You should always depend on the quality, not the quantity